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Ya know what’s started to baffle me? It seems like the longer Trump’s been in office, the more untouchable he feels. At the beginning of the Mueller investigation, there were reports of him feeling like he was going to lose the office because of it. By all accounts now, though, he says and does as he pleases, and then publicly decries those that call him on it. I know it probably shouldn’t baffle me, but it’s just hard to watch his actions and not be utterly confused.

Republicans For Biden Harris 2020 American Flag Shirt

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He can women, he can be corrupt, he can cheat, and America doesn’t care because they’re all living vicariously through him. Similar to why some of these new pop up food places are getting so popular, their advertising is ballsy and bold, Americans love that. However, you denounce and talk shit about your own military? That’s going to be your downfall. Military patriotism is probably one of the few things both sides can agree on. You aren’t going to get votes if you call fallen soldiers suckers.