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Ok, I am a little confused so correct if I’m wrong. So while what jk Rowling said is technically true (that biological women are different from trans women at a chromosomal level) this argument implies that this difference means they should be separated from cis women which don’t make sense..while her statement was obviously true it seems akin to screaming “all lives matter” when clearly the area that needs attention rn is “black lives matter” Please correct me as I have not read the actual tweets Why is it “Assigned Female/Male At Birth” and not “Assigned Woman/Man At Birth”? If the former, sex, is a physical/biological trait agnostic to society (or consciousness for that matter), why do we attribute it to an action taken by an agent?

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They aren’t the same, to say they are is delusional I don’t care who you are .. they are trying to be who they feel like they are the best they can, it can’t be easy being dealt a hand like that, it would be constant hell not feeling like you fit into your own body, it’s everyone’s basic right to be able to be who they are and comfortable in their skin .. saying they aren’t real women probably takes that away from them, I guess it comes down to respect, compassion and understanding, they have been through enough already.