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I don’t know but I agree they should be seen as biologically different when it comes to one specific area. Sports. Especially combat sports. There has been an obvious discrepancy since trans women have been allowed to compete in female sports which to me has been a huge hindrance to female sports. You have a trans woman taking away the rightful accomplishments of actual women and not acknowledging the huge obvious physical advantage they get from having grown with testosterone for even a couple of decades of their life or less. There’s a great documentary about it on YouTube with a lot of interviews of the actual female competitors and how they feel.. and I would feel cheated too if I worked my whole life at something and then someone came out of nowhere with half the training took the top spot and smashed records over and over and have no one be like.. ok no that’s wrong. This is why female sports exist. So this doesn’t happen.

Original Peace Love Cure Lupus Awareness Shirt


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A Y with no SRY means physically you’re female, chromosomally you’re male (XY) and genetically you’re female (no SRY). An X with an SRY means you’re physically male, chromosomally female (XX), and genetically male (SRY). But biological sex is simple! There must be another answer… …if you’re developing, your body may not produce enough hormones for your genetic sex. Leading you to be genetically male or female, chromosomally male or female, hormonally non-binary, and physically non-binary. Well, except cells have something to say about this…