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I should have known before, so I guess it’s my fault. I never ever want to have kids and my partner really really wanted kids. They gave me an ultimatum that they would have kids with or without me. Gave me some time to come around. So I made the decision to get a divorce instead. They went on to have many children with someone else in a happy relationship.

Pretty I Might Look Like I’m Listening To You But In My Head I’m Hunting Shirt

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Not me, but a former friend of mine was severely depressed but also really manipulative, and was basically doing nothing at home on her husband’s salary, even when they needed extra income. She lived this fantasy of moving to this other city, and started to take frequent trips to visit some relatives, and joined Tinder to “make friends.” While she was gone, her husband was hanging out with a mutual friend couple off and on and wound up hanging out with just the girlfriend- just platonically.