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Hmm. I might try to reapply then! The company I worked for is the same company I had been with for over 2 years. Unfortunately, they have a “no transfer” policy (which I have honestly never heard of before) which is why I had to reapply once I relocated. Maybe I will just call the Department of Labor and see if there is a loophole where I had been with the same company for so long despite having to relocate. Some states (like Louisiana) do almost automatically deny everyone, but if you appeal within the window (you can’t wait several weeks to appeal) and it is overturned, you get benefits paid back to the date of the original application.

Pretty Give Violence A Chance Shirt

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NTA – I have been with my boyfriend a similar amount of time and if I had that kind of money he would absolutely not have direct access to it. My boyfriend has family who struggles for money but they are not our financial responsibility, especially not mine, therefore we would never lend them money or anything like that because it’s not our problem. Him for telling his family when you both agreed that he wouldn’t and you because instead of sitting down and having a real-grown up talk about how you feel betrayed and that he really hurt you by going against your agreement, you’re going to just cut him off from money that he’s not giving away without your consent anyways. It’s petty.

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