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That guy seriously had some real friends and family around him. For this to not get out until the day he died without some scummy person leaking it means that everyone around him that knew respected his wishes and valued his privacy more than the bit of money they may have made from releasing this to the press or the self-gratification they may have gotten from gossiping with their own circle. Serious respect to anyone he confided in before his passing. Treated everyone from the wardrobe to catering with the same respect, talked to you as if he’d known you for years, and was just a stand-up guy all around. RIP to a true legend.

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This is absolutely devastating. I had no idea he was even sick. No one did. Not long ago he posted a video of him talking about donating money to Black hospitals that were hit particularly hard by COVID in honor of Jackie Robinson Day. Everyone made fun of him for being so thin. I’m sick to my stomach just thinking about it. It’s so cliche but you TRULY never have a single clue what anyone is going through, so it’s incredibly important to be kind. We all need this reminder, including myself.