Fat No I Prefer Too Wide For Your Narrow Mind Shirt

I had a seizure once walking my dog around my new apartment complex. I was lost and didn’t know where I was or what was happening. A nice young gentleman could tell something was wrong with me and he helped me call my mom so she could tell him what apartment I lived at. He gently walked my dog and I back home to my surprised and grateful husband. Two Januarys ago, I was introduced to this dude. We didn’t talk a lot, but occasionally he’d text & ask me how I was doing. I didn’t know him or anything about him.

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I’m a singer, used to play a few gigs whenever I had the chance to make extra money. I’ve always wanted to sing full time, but I’ve had confidence issues with it after a friend of mine growing up with constantly tried to undermine my success and confidence. I got to perform at a Farmer’s Market one day, a simple acoustic set with a guitarist. In between songs, a little boy (couldn’t be older than 3) walked up to me onstage (small gazebo set up, so he just kinda wandered over) silently.

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