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Guardian had a good article yesterday about the prevalence of sexual assault by police officers. More and more evidence that it’s not just black lives, but women, fraud waste and abuse, treatment of the mentally ill, and just plain corruption that feeds the need for policing as we know it to change immediately. If you look at what this office is responsible for, in the current climate of policing this sounds really important. Especially when taken in light of the defund/reform police movement, this sounds like one of the departments that will be getting a lot of attention if things continue down their current path. And she considered it a demotion and retired–which could be considered a false claim.

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I’m a former 911 dispatcher – not for NYPD. However, women in law enforcement are some of the most shit on people. They have to defend themselves against criminals and coworkers. They don’t play – a lot of them have a “no bullshit, fuck you” attitude, but in order to overcome the sexual harassment they receive from the start of their training to all the times they get told they’re not as good as male officers, they have to have a bitchy attitude. The article claims that “she” believes her new position is a demotion. She’s one of the top women in the police force, but she doesn’t get the job she wants, and now all of a sudden it’s because she’s a woman? If they didn’t want to advance her because she was a woman then she wouldn’t even be in the position she is in now. It sounds like someone more qualified than her got the position and she’s salty.

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