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know this is in jest, but you actually don’t. My situation was very different from OP’s but I also didn’t graduate high school and went on to have a very successful college career. I went to public school all the way through middle school, was considered “smart,” placed in gifted classes and got good grades until 6th grade (still part of elementary school at the time and where I lived) when I had a burnt-out teacher who didn’t have the energy to care about her students and assigned obscene amounts of homework that I had never been exposed to before. Suddenly, no matter what I did I couldn’t keep up and my grades slipped horribly. That trend continued for a few years until two weeks into my freshman year of high school. I sat down with my mom and told her that school wasn’t working for me anymore and she, being the wonderful, supportive human being that she is, pulled me out and basically let me explore whatever I wanted for the next few years.

Premium Every Day Halloween Itn’T It Of Us For Some Shirt

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There was a local community college that worked with homeschooled students and I was able to dual enroll and took only a couple classes here and there that interested me, both at the high school and college. When I decided I was done with the high school classes, my mom was able to declare me graduated to the state. I piddled around for a few years, took some more college classes here and there, worked some menial jobs, and eventually was ready to go to college full time and get a degree. I spent the first year at the community college and transferred to a university after that. By that time, I had so many college credits under my belt that no one was looking at high school transcripts anymore. I graduated with two bachelor’s degrees and honors. My story has nothing to do with religious or controlling parents and everything to do with a very broken education system in the US (although I didn’t realize that was the issue until many years later) but, yes, it’s entirely possible to go to and succeed in college without a high school degree.

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