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It doesn’t take much money because if the Official Philip Morris Merica Shirt senator doesn’t take the money. The company to fund a primary challenger who will “play ball” (be corrupt). Were corporations rigorously excluded from political speech? Were wealth (and media) not so concentrated in a few hands. What we need is to ban political donations from corporations, and limit the number of individual people who can donate to political campaigns or PACs. Yeah, that’s crazy to me. I mean, I’d like to think if I was a senator I wouldn’t be a corrupt one, but hypothetically if I was. Some mega-Corp offered me a couple of measly grand I’d be like “fuck you, my vote can decide your future. You’d better pony up a hell of a lot more than that.” You wanna know the absolute worst part about this? If we were to pool our resources and give these politicians twice what the corporations give then, they still wouldn’t take it.

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