Funny Dark Black Hole Dark Kids Shirt

It’s not even just about money or at least it Funny Dark Black Hole Dark Kids Shirt isn’t only about the money. They genuinely like these businesses. Their contacts take them out to dinner, make them feel important, and cater to their egos in millions of tiny ways. The corporate lobbyists never tell them they are doing a shitty job, they tell them they are amazing and just misunderstood by their constituents. They make them feel good. They still want your money tho, they’ll just stack it on top the corporate donation after they ignore whatever common peasant demands are. I’ve just realized why senators and shit try to go hard and act as they care about the democracy and grill these private sector companies during these hearings. They are actually trying to get some of that “here’s some change your mind money/bribe disguised as lobbying/ campaign funds. It’s not to get answers from the companies it’s to get money from them. I have no clue if this is close to reality but it seems like it aligns with my worldview and politics so I’m sticking with it.

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Funny Dark Black Hole Dark Kids Hoodie

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