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I’m an MFA supporter myself but the concerns that I have heard is not the concern of cost over the long term, it’s the uncertainty of tossing the current system, the short term economical impact (1/3 of our economy, I think?), the lack of a plan to actually get it accomplished within the House and Senate, and no guarantee that in 4 years it could potentially just end up fucking people over in a Republican-controlled government and then our one point of healthcare is fucked on top of more taxes. Then what?

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Those are the concerns I’ve heard from people supporting a more incremental approach to healthcare and they’re not wrong. They want M4A but the risks don’t outweigh the reward right now, there’s too much uncertainty in a complete overhaul of the system. These aren’t ‘conservative’ Democrats, either, these are tried and tried Blue voters who want progress. Single-payer healthcare has worked everywhere it’s been implemented. I get that people are naturally afraid of change, and M4A would be a big change in the way healthcare works in this country. However, I really do believe that in the end, it is the best option on the table.