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Yet reality doesn’t vote for him. Voters have repeatedly rejected Bernie and yet he refuses to take no for an answer. Kind of like that creepy guy that won’t stop stalking you and can’t understand why you won’t let him tell you what a great boyfriend he would be if you would just pull the restraining order. Lol. This isn’t even a fraction of what they can throw at someone. The truth is they haven’t really bothered with Bernie because he has never been a threat. Get back to me when they lie about his national origin and religion to paint him as a terrorist. Or when they lie about his combat record and say he betrayed American soldiers. Or when they lie about him murdering multiple people.

Peace Love Halloweiner Dachshund Shirt


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In Germany, rates are 12% of income in the Low Cost of Living Areas and 14.6% of income in the High Cost of living Areas, mostly Berlin. Split evenly by employee and employer. Then the employee would pay another 10% in medical expenses at Time of Service. Plus supplemental insurance can be purchased for 0.9% of Gross income paid fully by the employee “These are simply not tax rates that I can responsibly support or urge the Legislature to pass,” the Governor said. “In my judgment, the potential economic disruption and risks would be too great to small businesses, working families, and the state’s economy.”