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But I think this worked for us because, in my family, we don’t sleep and open presents the next morning. We make a toast at 12, eat dinner at 1:00 am, and stay until 3-4 am opening presents, so it would have been difficult to make me believe someone left it under the tree while we were eating lol the feeling of joy of seeing your cousins, grandparents, and aunts enjoy the gifts you picked and decorated for them is indescribable. As a kid with no real saying in the world, it’s a sense of pride and happiness. Plus I also used to value more the time they took for me and my parents, instead of thinking: “Oh, a bearded man got into our house and altruistically left us something“

Nice Whisper Words Of Wisdom Let It Be Shirt


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I know that people r saying like its to make Santa the bad guy instead of the parent when u have to tell them they’re being bad and won’t get gifts but there must be a way to communicate to children why its not ok they’re doing what they’re doing in a way that makes sense. Or maybe not I don’t have kids so I don’t know but I have noticed kids prefer being spoken to like adults instead of idiots Ya know, I’m not sure. I do agree with giving to people in need/showing your appreciation for others but overall Christmas is just a materialism party.