Nice Teacher Rocking In My Mask Shirt

The rest of the dinner was them so shocked that metal reacts like that in a microwave, yes, even forks or spoons would do that and how amazed they were its never happened before. Flash forward a year and they’re buying a new microwave. Turns out they’ve bought ALL their microwaves from this one store and the owner was surprised it’s been so long. Turns out, he’s a great guy, always helps them find the best deals and even jokes about how the extended warranty is for suckers.

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Reminds me of when I was dating a 19yo dude. I explained that eating raw nuts is healthy so he bought a bag of peanuts. He complained two days later that he was going to stop eating them because they upset his stomach so I got a free bag of peanuts, yay! He was stunned when he saw me shelling them and eating the nut. Because he was eating them shell and all. For two days. Surprisingly did not end well, but I got a lot of terrible sex and dumbass stories out of it.

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