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And people need to stop thinking they only need to vote every 4 years. There are elections in your area every year. And those elections have a bigger impact on your life than the big one ever four years. Police reform, for example, isn’t coming from the president on down to your local town’s PD. It’s gonna happen from within your town/state and the politicians you elected. Or others elected cause you didn’t vote. We should give every police officer in America a test and not tell him what it’s about or the results until after it’s all done. The test should look for psychopathy and sadistic tendencies.

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Our state is controlled by the police in a way that is difficult to describe. When prisons are big business and people are in positions to benefit financially from keeping them full to the brim you can expect this type of thing. In a country where police kill with impunity and are the only terrorists we actually deal with, Louisiana is their HQ and home turf. You may be at your house but the police here let it be known that they own you and love to lie to break the law legally for their benefit. Don’t forget if you complain about them that you still live in the town they terrorize and good luck when they pull you over and “find” a hot gun or drugs in your vehicle or person.