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I wanted that same thing. But then I got out here. Got married. Crushed under student loans for a degree that “promised” a career that never happened. Married a wonderful military guy. I’m 34 and he is 35. He’s still on active duty and I’m in sales. We are making more combined than what my dad made on a solo income with a family of 6. We have chosen to be childless. Because it’s no longer doable and it no longer makes sense. One brother has one daughter. She wasn’t planned. None of us can afford anything. We are just maintaining ourselves. Affording another human life and well being and everything beautiful that comes with it…is sadly just not a sound investment.

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I for one am so happy people my age (40) and younger are not having kidsIf the rich and powerful want to add to their war chest, good for them. But eventually, there will now no more human capital and it will all crumble. I will be dead by then so Cheerios. Also, with 7.5bn people on the planet and the ocean full of plastic and the composition of the atmosphere changing to unbreathable and the forests being converted to landfills, and a barrier of junk orbiting the planet, the earth is fucked. Having babies is an act of cruelty.

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