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I and my wife (then girlfriend) got pregnant 6 years ago. It was unplanned and we had to have a serious think and plan our next moves. We now have a 5-year-old girl and have only just managed to clear the over £10k debt we incurred just by having a child in the UK. There are so many unforeseen things to buy and childcare costs are unreal. My wife lost her job about 6 months after returning from her maternity leave so we went to the job center to ask about applying for universal credit while she looked for work. I kid you not

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Official Motorcycling Dandelions Classic Men's T-Shirt- Design By Romancetees.com

That my wife (then girlfriend) would have the rent covered, childcare costs covered so she had time to “look for work” (she actually did the air quotes) and would have plenty leftover, as long as my registered address was somewhere else I could stay over at my own house 3 nights a week (she winked at this point, indicating that nobody would stick to the rule) and then my wages wouldn’t have to go on rent, bills, food, insurance and whatever else.

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