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It would make me so happy if we could prosecute Trump, his family, and his cronies for all of their misdeeds. I know some people would say “Just let things. Let’s just clean up and get the country running again”; well I would say holding those people responsible *would* help get the country running again. Plus maybe a Hallmark card to our NATO allies. THANK YOU. It’s about time Democrats start getting specific with these threats on the record. There MUST be prosecutions of the Trump campaign, Trump administration and (as in NY right now) the Trump Organization. There’s no turning the page and moving forward anymore. Trump and his people HAVE TO PAY for what they’ve done.

Nice Need Cakes Call Me Shirt


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They are metaphorically stitched into him as one organism. For things to ever get better what we really need is solid, indefatigable, LAWS. We don’t need a commission to autopsy one corrupt presidency, we need it to be impossible for a President of any party, ever again, to nominate people to positions they’re not qualified for, that they actively try to undermine. We need it to be impossible for a President not to actually put their business interests into a blind trust. For anyone with above-board political info to have a have in the stock market. For a Senate to not follow through on a duly elected President’s nomination to the supreme court.

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