America Joe Biden Kamala Harris President 2020 T-Shirt

Trump is the exact same person I thought he was as a kid in the 80s. He’s the archetype evil businessman. Like in some B-movies where the evil fat cat businessman wants to tear down an orphanage to build a high-rise, but the orphans have 2 days to come up with like $200,000 to stop the bulldozers from moving in. So they have like a talent show/win a contest/car wash/etc to get the money last minute to save their orphanage. Only in Trump’s case, I’m pretty sure the orphans never get to save their orphanage.

America Joe Biden Kamala Harris President 2020 T-Shirt

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They like what he does and says, yeah, but I don’t think any of these people really care about the guy himself. He truly has no real friends – nobody who loves him like family, nobody who cares about his wellbeing beyond their own selfish desires, nobody he can confide in or trust like a brother. He is probably an incredibly lonely person. It’s sad, in a way. If he weren’t hell-bent on destroying everything he’s touched since he took office, he might be worthy of some pity, but at this point, I just want to forget about him.

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