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I am a permanent resident of the US, and so is my family. We have been eligible to seek naturalization for quite some time now. But it’s shenanigans like these that keep me from submitting my application. For context: I’m not black, but I’m definitely brown. Or better still, “I’m not White”. I live in a fairly affluent neighborhood, with almost non-existent crime rates and a highly-rated school district. And when I go out for a walk, I occasionally get shown white power signs by folks driving by (of course, not the folks from my neighborhood).

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This isn’t something that just started when Trump came to office. Things have always been this way. Trump just gives them a voice and now they are even bolder. Black and brown people have always known to pick their battles especially when they’re in a very conservative setting. I think the only difference now is that white people are starting to see our reality.

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