Awesome Goodbye Diego Mara Shirt

To simply say this is Trump’s America is to say that Mars is owned by Martians. It’s far out on the left field and cheaply made. This is America because people are allowed to have their own views. This was not simply magically happening because a Cheeto puff meme king decided to be a Twitter junkie president. This happens because people from different cultures come together and are forced to mingle. Stop blaming everything on Trump. Don’t blame everything on Biden. And Stop coming to Reddit to justify your views over a bandwagon topic that has been around for 4 years.

Awesome Goodbye Diego Mara Shirt


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This is why liberal woke America scares me, a waiter in the middle is nowhere is rude and messes up an order yet and you come to Reddit and race bait and just further caused violence from people reading this and reaffirming their delusions that republicans are racist nazi when you have absolutely zero proof of racism. Or she could have been having a bad day. I was in a similar situation in a tiny town where the lot gas station is the sandwich shop and they were rude to me both times I was there. One time without a mask. The next day with one. I think it has to do with me looking more like “city folk” than a local.

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