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So the Department of Education, as the holder of these loans, and as part of the Executive Branch, could choose to write off these debts in the direction of the President. It would be messy, and it would further upset the Federal budget, and it wouldn’t extend to student loan debt held by private banks, but it could be done. The Department of Education administers the loans, it doesn’t own them. The United States owns them. What authority is there for the executive branch to write off debt owed by the United States without Congressional approval?

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He’s president. Not a king. While I’m all for canceling debt and public healthcare as mentioned in this thread, Biden needs to work within the system. I’m all for undoing the awful work of the last four years, but I’d rather see the system work as intended with Congress passing bills into law and the president signing them. That is the way forward, not a ping pong of executives orders each time a member of the opposite party takes office.