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I wouldn’t support this in its current form. I took loans out for a public school and graduated Summa Cum Laude. After school spent 9 years paying towards my loans, working hellish hours with tons of personal sacrifices so I could grow my income via raises and promotions. For most of my time, I made waaaay less than 125K. Now I make, combined with my wife, just right above the 125K mark. Her income now adds to mine but she also has her own loans. Now what, I’m still on the hook for my loans while others get a free ride without any additional basis of merit for what their education brings to the market, or what they even accomplished in school? Not all college degrees even create marketable job opportunities.

Cool Being A Sister Is An Honor Being An Aunt Is Priceless Shirt

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I’ll get downvoted for this because people will assume that I’m selfish, but I’m worried these policies will backfire greatly and result in a whiplash of opposition support. I do not want GOP to gain any ground again. I would much rather support a program that offers zero tuition for degree/training plans that relate to fields with market needs, combined with a loan forgiveness program for those same types of fields. A person’s failure to choose a degree plan that doesn’t lend well to a necessary societal job function or that doesn’t benefit their ability in the broader market is their own issue.