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Might be a little bit closer than you think, the issue with fusion is that to start the nuclear fusion of two elements you need a HUGE amount of energy to overcome the strong force that’s holding the protons and neutrons together. Stars achieve this due to the fact they are PHAT and their pure size creates a force large enough to overcome the strong force holding atoms together. As you can imagine this strategy won’t work on earth as we can’t build something that massive to simulate the force and pressure needed for fusion but, there is another much smaller way. Nuclear reactors are just steam engines. The heat energy from nuclear fusion boils water, the pressurized steam then passes through a turbine. It is that simple, unlike most people tend to believe there is no complicated science behind the extraction of energy.

This alternative solution is based on the fact, yes you need huge amounts of pressure for fusion to happen but, it can also be done using very large temperatures. A device called the tokamak has been theorized since the 1950s, the basic principle of the device is that it uses electromagnetic fields to heat plasma by ohmic heating, basically passing a current through it and compress the plasma by moving the plasma to a higher magnetic field. This causes the plasma to get very hot, hot enough for fusion to take place. For a long time, this was just a theory and not actually doable but recently it has become far more accessible. China’s EAST reactor has used this method to reach temperatures of 100,000,000 celsius which is a temperature that fusion can take place and it did.

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