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This happens so often in my neighborhood. I’m always a passenger in my mom’s car when it happens so I just give a quick honk on her steering wheel and she gets mad at me, when we had been sitting there for 2 minutes waiting for Frank and some other white suburban guy name to stop talking about their bbq that’s happening later where their gobshite kids will be running around until 1 am screaming and talking loud as fuck, and that one lady will get plastered and laugh at everything obnoxiously loud and then when everyone’s leaving they, of course, have to stand outside for 20 minutes talking about God knows what late at night when you’re trying to sleep.

My mum is honestly the actual worst for being annoying in public so I’m just gonna make a list of what she does all the time. Every time we are out at a pub or restaurant for a meal and she doesn’t like the music she will get her Bluetooth speaker out to play her music because she thinks her music is the absolute best music. her ringtone is the boat horn, and it’s so loud. When she talks on a phone she will have her speakerphone on and her phone away from her ear slightly, she also talks so loud that when I’m on the phone with her I have to keep my phone away from my ear to quiet it down a bit. She’s the person at the register that never has her card ready when it’s time to pay and she can’t find her card in her massive bag Let’s just say she’s a Karen because I can’t be bothered listing any more annoying things she does

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