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Mind the timing of the announcements, because they will be vital to the spread of the virus. Think of all the people that moved to NYC from Smallville’s around the US, and see how they will rush back with their load because for some reason a small city sounds better equipped to face a deadly epidemic than one of the largest metropolis of the world. I work at a pet supply store that also sells live animals. In the event of something like a quarantine, will someone be allowed to come in and take care of them? Obviously we are not getting any new animals right now because of all of this but we still have the ones that are currently there.

My Favorite Officer Calls Me Mom Shirt


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I work for a company that has told employees nothing is wrong, everything is normal, and will not let anyone work from home even though we’re all completely capable of doing so and community spread is occurring in our county. A national quarantine would be the ONLY way we can protect ourselves without using our vacation/sick time (which a lot of us don’t have enough of for a 2-3 week self-quarantine). He’s right. Additionally, if we had done this two months ago, this could have been contained withing months. Now its gonna be years.