It’s Not Just A Hobby It’s My Escape From Reality Shirt

Yes, there was an entire wall of text. Sources not so much. A YouTube video and mention of 1 documentary. If that’s all you require then so be it. As far as me shitting on Bernie supporters, if you think that is what I am doing then you guys need thicker skin. I think I have only commented on 4 or so posts over the past few weeks and to say that any of them is particularly mean spirited would be false. I rarely comment on politics because people are Super irrational. It’s why I don’t even bother with Trump enthusiasts. I just see Bernie folks going down the same path so I give some push back when I start seeing the conspiracy theory coming from folks I would prefer to be my neighbors. But go ahead and call me a shill it’s just the Internet anyway.

It’s Not Just A Hobby It’s My Escape From Reality Shirt


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All that said, I’m really, really proud to have followed this campaign. I am one hundred percent certain that Bernie Sanders is the most consistent, passionate, genuine candidate this time around, and maybe in a very long time. I can’t say I’ll ever go into politics, and after this cycle, I’m definitely done the following everything this closely. *I. Am. Drained. But I know, if nothing else, there is at least hope. I know that change can happen, even if it doesn’t happen this year. I know that I was on the right team. And it has been a true blessing to be here.