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I was there last October. It’s a fucking MASSIVE piece of land on Kauai. Probably has a good half mile, at least, of the northeast coast. Very pretty tropical area. He’s got a huge military-style helicopter that takes visitors to and from the airport. The water there is clear as can be and warm as fuck. I have no idea how much that place is worth, but it’s easily in the hundreds of millions. By the time he had put together a chunk of land and when people finally realized what he was doing.

I Boo What I Want Funny Ghost Halloween Shirt

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Fast forward to today. The southerners, who’ve paid taxes on it for decades, want to sell it. It’s not worth keeping because it would take too much money to develop. But many of the northerners, who’ve paid zero taxes on it, don’t want it sold. Even though they’ll never live down there they don’t want to give it up. Because it’s “Family Land”. A company wanted to buy and develop it years ago, but the northerners blocked the sale.

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