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I’m just one vet. A disabled one, but I never spent a second in combat. But on behalf of the best of us, those who didn’t come home, and those who left a part of themselves somewhere else in service to this country, I offer the following: Wait. Oh my god. This is not the onion. This is very nasty. I don’t have any relation to the military but I’m sickened at the way that this president has been treating our soldiers. We have to vote. Can’t get shit in Washington if this buffoon stays in office for any longer.

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Trump remained fixated on McCain, one of the few prominent Republicans to continue criticizing him after he won the nomination. When McCain died, in August 2018, Trump told his senior staff, according to three sources with direct knowledge of this event, “We’re not going to support that loser’s funeral,” and he became furious, according to witnesses, when he saw flags lowered to half-staff. “What the fuck are we doing that for? The guy was a fucking loser,” the president told aides. Trump was not invited to McCain’s funeral.