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The most disturbing thing isn’t that Trump says and acts the way he does, it’s that 60 million fucking so-called Americans support this piece of garbage. That is the truly disgusting aspect of this, he very well may be re-elected, and if so within a year we will be in the full civil war. And there, in two sentences, you have the best explanation of the past three years: His contempt for service, his corruption, his poor attempts at concealing both, and his bewilderment and anger when someone calls him on either. He honestly thinks he’s perfectly logical and that everyone else is secretly like him.

So Never Underestimate An Old Man With Bowling Skills Who Was Born In November Sunset Halloween Shirt

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As a Republican that holds our troops in the highest regards, I am appalled and absolutely disgusted by what Donald Trump said. It is beyond the dignity of any person living in the United States and absolutely reprehensible from a President of the country. I did not want to believe the Russian bounty story, but now I have to. Donald Trump is and will be the worst president we have ever had and this story is corroborated, he must step down and face the wrath of the United States citizenry.