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This is a conspiracy. The lie of the “American dream”. You’re taught and indoctrinated to believe in the religion of America from birth, and that America is strong, and you’ll be rich and successful if capitalism does it thing. This shows how that isn’t a reality, and how it really is just the wool pulled over our eyes by the people in charge. The “American Dream” is a great excuse to never question capitalism and the regime of the rich I did what my parents did, I and my GF got a 1 bedroom apartment. Went to trade school while working at a McDonald’s and worked my way up from there. It’s not easy but is it suppose to be? Was it ever easy to be a minimum wage? do you wanna retire a cashier at 711? This stuff confuses me I guess.

Guinea Pig Riding Mummy T Rex Dino Funny Halloween Costume Shirt


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The elites have brainwashed us on so many levels. That something so basic can’t be achieved with minimum wage. The cost of living and inflation go up like crazy but, wages stay low. Then we are brainwashed into believing if you are poor it is because you are lazy. McDonald’s workers in Switzerland make $22 with benefits. It’s always people that never had to work minimum wage to survive as an adult who defends it. It’s written off as well it’s your fault you didn’t become an Engineer or Dentist. Elitism is gross…ugh.