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While everyone is enjoying the discussion…keep in mind that this country used to have a great deal more industrial work. When that got shut down, the promise was that computer jobs would save us. After that, the service industry. Now it’s mostly temp work. Our country used to make everything. Our people could get work, and buy houses, build a life…with only one person working in the family. If you don’t think we’ve all been sold out, then maybe you need to think harder. If you got it good in life, and you lack any compassion for other people, please don’t waste your time sitting in a church. For example, you can’t make the lowest legal wage possible to ever pay as an employer (“minimum wage”) the exact amount needed to survive in a double bedroom apartment supporting one kid.

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A small business with one cash register that needs to be manned would then have to pay (for their summer teenage hire, say) all the money that would support a middle-aged single woman with two children, a car, a cable bill, and college education, retirement, and savings. That’s basically how much the business profits altogether to just support the proprietor’s family. It can’t happen. The minimum wage was designed to be able to support a family of four and it used to. Inflation took it from us and boiled frogs like you into thinking this water is fine.