Good Sunflower New Mexico Flag Shirt

The NFL has had similar issues with referees (see L.A. Rams and New Orleans Saints pass interference no-call) “accidentally” not seeing a penalty, the Patriots had the Deflate-gate and let Tom Brady take the fall, there was even a “hit list” put out by I believe the New Orleans Saints a few years ago in an attempt to purposefully injure opponents.

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Good Sunflower New Mexico Flag Shirt

At the end of the day, if you were being paid hundreds of millions of dollars to play a game, and your coach or an executive came and asked you to have an “off game” and you still get paid the same, maybe even more…wouldn’t you do it? I would. And if the only reason not to is “fairness” or for the “love of the game”, then there will be someone else who doesn’t share that sentiment.

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