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It actually does. People are forgetting Texas has strict rules of who can vote by mail. You have to be over 65, in jail, out of the county, or sick/disabled. It’s an asshole move by Greg abbot, but it also doesn’t matter as much as people think. The real travesty is that most people are required to vote in person and will continue to be. That’s half the point though. The mail-in restrictions get challenged in court so this crippling is also a backup to that.

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Add in the Australian fee for not voting and you would have all the poor turn out since they can’t afford not voting. While rich could afford to skip, turning the entire thing around. And the winner might not even have most of the votes either and might be a bunch under 50%. For 2020, we’re looking at roughly 2.4 million registered voters, of which probably 1.4 million will actually vote. So we’re in the 1 person every 2 seconds for 30 days range.

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