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For reference: NYS guidelines prefer election districts of less than 1500 people. This comes out to 1.6 people per minute if you only factor in hours of operation on election day, not counting early voting, absentee voting, or the fact that 100% voter turnout it’s a fairy tale. NYC plays by their own rules, but that’s the general rule of thumb

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It’s honestly baffling to me and blatantly corrupt. In Australia where I live I can name 5+ places that are open to voting on election days in my 3km radius. Schools, rec centers, gym halls, etc. Max I’ve had to wait to vote was 3 minutes. We just had our Northern Territory election (population around 250k) and there were 38 polling locations. We will drive a fucking mobile polling booth out to some of the most remote communities on the fucking PLANET to make sure they can vote.

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