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I knew it was a mistake about two months into our engagement. I actually broke up with her for a week but didn’t tell anyone other than my parents. Something just didn’t feel right. She ended up begging me every single day and I just felt really bad and got back with her. We pretended like it never happened. Got married 9 months later and she ended up cheating on me a little over a year into our marriage. I still don’t fucking understand her logic behind all that but whatever. It’s done and I’ve moved on but I’ll never understand why she wanted me back so badly and did that not even two years later.

Good Mickey Mouse Diisney Girls Like Mickey Only Better Shirt


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Edit: Jeez, thanks guys and gals for the kind words and chats. If you’re going through a rough patch, it does get better! One day at a time. I’ve remarried and we’re planning on starting a family soon. Would’ve never imagined rebuilding after what happened with my ex. Keep the faith and things will turn around. Knew before we even got married. Spoke about how I thought it didn’t feel right with my family a couple of months before the big day but was told it was just cold feet and we’d be fine after the wedding. Almost a year later I was still miserable so I left. Was an absolute shit storm but SO worth it.