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What inhumanly cruel shithole is Azkaban anyway? It seems to be the only wizard prison in the UK. Fine. Low wizard population, so there’s no need for a lot of prisons. But it’s a maximum-security prison for magic mass murderers where they’re not only held captive but get tortured every day until they lose their sanity. It’s cruel for people on a life sentence, but what about people who would eventually get released? They fry their brains and then let them return to their former life? They even sent Hagrid there, who wasn’t even proven guilty, merely accused, just to keep him safe until his trial. They let an innocent man suffer just because. Seriously, wizard society is fucked up.

Good I Like Corgis And Jeps And Maybe 3 People Shirt


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Fair enough, except in one major plot point, he travels back in time to stab pencils through his own hands as a child. (I know.) He then returns to the present and to his amazed, religious cellmate, who claims that he saw the sign of the stigmata (Jesus nail holes) appear on his hands from nowhere. In the Incredibles, superheroes that used to protect mankind from supervillains armed with doomsday devices have been outlawed through an act of legislation related to liability issues. It’s sort of hinted that crime has increased, but aside from an isolated mugging incident, we see a very happy 1960s Americana that is free and secure.