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In star wars: the force awakens they literally turned a planet into a giant cannon (bigger than death star II!) You can’t tell me that nobody saw this. It’s so big you could literally see it with a telescope. Not to mention that death star I and II took huge amounts of resources and counter-espionage to make sure nobody knew about it. In Iron Man, they still call themselves Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division but in Captain Marvel, they are known as SHIELD. Did they just fucking forget the acronym for nearly 2 decades then pick it up again??

Awesome 2020 Trump Make Christmas Great Again Shirt


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Did I mention that the planet is able to suck up stars and hold one in as a projectile? We know the earth rotates around the sun right? How the hell does that work with gravity and solar systems when you just suddenly remove a star from a solar system? All the planets, moons, and asteroid belts would go nuts. And technically, wouldn’t that mean that Starkiller base would become WAY heavier as well? There will probably be an explanation for this but It’s always confused me. Why didn’t Dumbledore just become a ghost? Like there are other ghosts at Hogwarts: Nearly-headless Nick, Rowina Ravenclaw, Moaning Myrtle. So why couldn’t he have become a ghost and like guided Harry or something?