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I’m not French so obviously, a French Redditor can give you the full cultural significance of it.. but I have visited France a lot of times on holiday from the UK. Every morning they get fresh baguettes, unlike how we British eat loaves of bread and they would be expected to last a few days my understanding is Baguettes aren’t made with preservatives and are made in the traditional methods so they get stale after a day, as such a new baguette is required often. As I said this is just my understanding, hopefully, I’m not talking out my arse, please any French natives correct me. Don’t want to be a spreader of misinformation.. especially about something so key as Baguettes.

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Can confirm, live in France, people only would buy multiple baguettes to freeze them or to feed a large family. The baguette is so stapled to the culture there are laws limiting the max price it can be sold at, making it affordable to get every morning, half for breakfast, half for dinner. There’s a lot of protesting in France right now because our government just does not listen to its citizens and keeps pushing its neoliberal, authoritarian, racist agenda. It’s an endless cycle of violence, to no avail so far. Nobody knows how it’s all going to end and we are getting truly concerned, even more so when we see what’s happening abroad.

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