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Can confirm. Went to Paris to celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2006. By 2 am the drunk French had devolved into burning cars while being chased by fully geared up riot police with tear gas. I don’t even know if it was a protest about anything. These are the same people who were just celebrating jovially two hours earlier. I just think that is what happens when enough people are drunk in Paris at the same time. That was not a riot I can tell you that haha As a Parisian and former suburban not the same meaning in French than in the US, I can attest that this happens often.

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But 2006 was a tense year (can’t remember why, I was in high school and didn’t really care about all that, because people burning cars has always been a “usual” thing here A friend made me ditched school to go for a protest against that contract première embauche pour haha I remember that now. I thought it was in 2007 but guess I was wrong. Went to protest on a Thursday if I remember well. Waoh seems like such a long time ago. Was looking at the roads, remembering they were widened to prevent people from easily barricading them with rubble and burning.

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