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It’s not a news channel it’s literally a conversation between a couple of people. I hope Joe’s contract isn’t going to fuck him over because if these reports are true this is ridiculous. Spotify is already under heat for treating creators like shit, interesting they allow these reports to go public. It doesn’t matter what Spotify staffers think. Joe’s smart enough to have included clauses around creative independence that allow him and his guests to say whatever they want with absolutely no interference.

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Funny Queen Of Halloween Are Born In March Shirt

I hope Spotify stands their ground and if the adults in the room have any sense they will not give in to these childish demands. The fact is Spotify has always had the disadvantage that they don’t produce any hardware while their biggest competitors apple and google make their own hardware as well. Now with apple’s new service bundle people won’t need Spotify if they are signed up for any of the service plans apple is offering as it includes apple music.

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