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Shit like this terrifies me for my dear friend who is a woman of color in the USA. I’m in Australia. She is really concerned about the future for her and her kids. It was going to be peachy as the 3 of them were moving to Australia … and then Covid-19 happened and they’re stuck over there and can’t get out. No idea if/when it will happen now. In the most recent conversation we had, we discussed life after the election if Trump gets back in. I half-joking wondered if she’d qualify as a political refugee …

Funny Guitar You Only Know This If You’re Cool Vintage Retro Shirt


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For Christ’s sakes, I read like half of your post and this could all be a misunderstanding. Why do you think you’re so smart and can read people’s minds? Maybe they have a dumb fuck working out back and fucked up the order. How y’all go through life 24/7 just so god damn sensitive and thinking everything is a personal slight to you.