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From your last sentence, which I wholeheartedly agree with, is that a degree is not necessary for success, but from my own anecdotal evidence, is that people with degrees (proper degrees, not like poetry and shit like that) live a financially better life. Only a few people I know have “made it” without a degree I’m not saying he shouldn’t do it, but it would honestly be political suicide because everyone is selfish. I would love it if the US had a “free” university but that would need to go through Congress.

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You need to understand that the US president is not a king or Putin, and he cannot just order anything he wants through an executive order. For example, he cannot cancel student debt to private lenders. Very doubtful that the president has the authority to cancel federal promissory notes. This would require money from the budget to cancel them. Soooooo because y’all have debt from your choices to go to school you want that paid for you while others didn’t go to school because they didn’t want debt. See what’s wrong here?