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I get free healthcare, but I can’t get behind free college or loan forgiveness. I view going to college as an investment; you pay for four years of college and in return, you make higher wages than you otherwise would have. Unlike most medical problems, it’s an independent decision that someone makes, and sometimes it’s not the right move. There are many alternatives to going to university where people can still make money. If you make a bad investment, it should not be my or anyone else’s responsibility to pay for it. There are also other cheaper avenues like one or two years of community college and then applying to a better university.

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If that happens, and I’ve already paid my debt, and am now saving for a home. I will be unilaterally fucked. So will everyone else buying homes? I understand the burden, and I understand the need for a fix. This will absolutely fucking ruin the people that have already paid that debt. Sorry, didn’t articulate my point clearly. It’s not really valid to counter an argument that something is unfair with the fact that everything is unfair. The argument should address why the benefits outweigh the unfairness and why the unfairness must be introduced.