Funny Crush Cancer Breast Cancer Awareness Shirt

But that’s.. capitalism? Like the one America has since like what, the ’20s? I remember reading that after WW2 something like 30% of Americans was in a union… a fuckin’ 3rd and that was the PEAK. People need to wake the fuck up that THIS is what’s been going on while everyone’s been watching TV and jacking it to porn. That tree of liberty needs watering. they’ve always been doing it. the only difference is instead of profiting off of the deaths of poor people & people in the global south, they’re profiting off the deaths of people of all classes.

I think there are definitely people out there willing to let others die in favor of the economy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a nonsmall portion of Americans are tired, tired of staying inside, tired of worrying if they will have work to come back to, tired of waiting in lines to get into the grocery store, they are tired of all the precautions they have to take and just want to get back to a normal daily life. Now unfortunately that’s not possible, we either do the uncomfortable thing and hunker down or we try the impossible and try to ignore a virus. Unfortunately, it’s looking like Americans wanna try the impossible…

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