Great Stick The Cork In Me I’m Done Wine Vintage Shirt

A lot of the companies begging for some sort of help/economic stimulus are the small companies who won’t be surviving this. Your mom and pop shops. There are VERY few small businesses that have the liquidity to shut off income while continuing to pay expenses like rent. The biggest big boys like Walmart or Target can go about 3-4 months that way before folding. Most small businesses can’t do it for two weeks. I’m all for shitting on big boi corporations that are just complaining about losing a few months revenue, who are ready to put public health at risk to keep making more bucks than they need. But the majority of companies are not run by a bunch of rich, suited fat guys laughing over their brandy in an Oxford lounge.

There has to be another option than just, “back to work everyone for the economy, just brave the pandemic” this is unseen territory there must be a bailout for everyone, all workers. We have to pause everything for a while to save lives and not let the hospitals get completely overflowed and run out of supplies This has always been the case. If we were invaluable the speed limit would not be 65 – it’s that high because we value our collective time and efficiency gains as worth more than the people that will inevitably doe. If this wasn’t the case the speed limit would be 10mph.

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