Flamigo Let Me Check My Giveashirtometter Nope Nothing Shirt

I mean, not literally in this specific story you’re telling, but I always ask for extra pickles on my burgers and it’s always so disappointing when I get like 1 extra pickle or whatever they’re supposed to put on it (although I never complain because they don’t need that). Sometimes I ask for extra extra extra or emphasize that I want a lot of pickles. But it usually still just results in maybe 4 total pickles or something. But every now and then someone heeds my call and I get a burger that most would consider more pickle than a burger. Perhaps the workers even went overboard out of frustration and intended it to be unappetizing, but I consider those to be the greatest of fast food burger moments and try to let them know it.

I wouldn’t have said that to you. The correct ratio is one sauce packet per bite. I can’t get enough and can’t ask for the amount I need because one packet per bite isn’t a socially acceptable amount of sauce. Instead, I’m reduced to having to go in and commit the heist of the century as a slip more and more sauce into my bag fist fulls at a time. I’m almost sure someone will call me out one day but for now, I remain at large. Not footage, but I found an account of what happened. Apparently she lives in a vehicle nearby and they’ve had trouble with her stealing soda in the past. They say she just showed up and started smashing things with a tire iron while trying to rob them.

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