Damn Right I Am A Bruins Fan Now And Forever Shirt

Hundred dollars at Taco Bell is in the night shift, this is the only restaurant open territory, not excessive spending territory. Especially when you factor in fast-food prices anymore. How many places have an actual Dollar menu anymore? Even McDonald’s most of the things you get are going to be more than a dollar. like an mc double, one of the original features of the $1 Menu, is now $1.39. so instead of 2 for $2, you get 2 for about $3. Exactly I think it’s the moment she realized she was gonna get arrested and be one of those Karen’s in the video. My guess is she behaves like this regularly and this is the first time it took this turn, usually she probably just walks out without consequences.

You, extra sauce people, are never happy! When I was 18 I worked at Taco Bell. I had a car full of guys come through and complain that every time they ask for the extra sauce they’re never given enough! So I filled an entire small bag and gave it to them (not in an attitude way or anything), thinking they’d be excited. But they said “we’re never going to use all this” I used to work at McD’s a while back I had a guy come and complain he had asked for extra pickles I just grabbed a hand full and placed it on his hamburger. This guy came back and said now that was extra pickles and gave me a thumbs up.

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