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I searched it for all of five minutes and couldn’t find it so I rescind my comment. At any rate, treating these two things which are similar in nature; one being a “threat” if you could even call it that being amounted to being paramount of disgusting while actual violence and rioting reported on to be peaceful when it caused thousands of dollars of damage and put people at risk. You’re asking why something that happened a few days ago is no longer front-page news. Generally the news cycle updates over time. This happened yesterday.

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And you wonder why that gets attention while attempting to act as an entire city is being burned (it isn’t, the damage has been done but nowhere near a whole city or anything like that) to downplay the fact that a lot of people are absolutely sick of police brutality in this country and the system which allows it to continue to happen so they are exercising their right to protest and demonstrate which some are using as a cover to do things like a steal and engage in property destruction.